When I am making my clay orbs, I'm like a determined coach, punishing headmistress, and construction worker, rolling, smacking, whacking and coaxing the ball into shape. it's exhausting work.  I have to put my back into it.  When Claire is around, we become a two-headed hydra, working the clay together.  The ball is like the world, encompassing everything.  Math vocalizes, reports on what we are doing, and sends commentary from her position in the room.  Our positions in the room continue to revolve.  We are like planets making planets.

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Audience enters, and gathers behind line.  They put their offerings at their feet.

(take your time, and do everything with intention)

TARP 1: Dark Red

We hang picture.  Claire holds it up, Anna stands back to see if it’s straight, and Math 

hammers it in.

Anna and Claire unwrap clay and lay out tarp straight.  They begin to whack clay 

into a ball, eventually rolling it off tarp. HOLD

Math walks to tarp - Math picks up mic and sings “California.”

TARP 2: Black Mountain

Math brings us a tarp from the ladder.

A&C unfurl new tarp and place over old.

Claire gets clay from boxes to tarp, and begins to throw small balls of clay around 


Anna goes into crowd and holds up objects to be rated by Math.  Then she throws 

them onto the tarp.  (extra cords from our own pile may also be thrown onto tarp.)

Math at the mic says: That’s nice, That’s disgusting.

“Videogame.” Once all stuff is on tarp, Anna and Claire roll small balls into bigger 

ball, and Math makes a sound effect for each one: bloop. Bloop. 

Anna and Claire roll ball off tarp. HOLD

TARP 3: Russian River

Math brings us a tarp from the ladder.

Then A&C tie rope to each other’s waist, and unfurl new tarp and place over old.  

Claire gets Russian River clay to tarp, A&C roll other balls onto tarp, and Anna gets 

extra cords from pile as needed. 

The dark red ball gets dropped onto the black mountain ball.

We begin to cut the balls and blocks of clay into small pieces to create one large 

mulit-colored ball, and as we build the ball, we roll it around the tarp to pick up the 

cords. (moving image)

Math is sitting on clay ball, on the tarp singing: “I’ll be your platinum.”

When A&C have built the ball, we roll it to the center of the tarp. HOLD.


Math brings us a tarp from the ladder. Then Math stands on large ball of clay.

Anna and Claire unfurl tarp over Math.  Anna places pot on Math’s head, Claire gives 

Math the mic.

Math sings: You think you know me. You don’t know me. x2 1st gear… x2  while Anna 

and Claire stand there, looking at the audience.

Then when Math pauses, we make the taut line with the rope. A&C pause.

Math sings again.

When Math is finished with 2nd song, A&C come back and cinch Math.

Math pauses, and then sings again.

Then we hold, then break.